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An important locksmith service that few people in the general public know about is rekeying locks. The rekey lock service entails disassembling a lock and replacing internal components so that it works with a new key. Rekeying locks may be desirable when you have a custom, expensive, or ornate lock that fits with your existing decor and would be difficult to replace. If you lose your key in this circumstance, it would be advisable to simply rekey your lock so you don’t have to go through the trouble of replacing it. Sometimes the slot of your lock may be damaged, for example, it could sustain damage if your key breaks off in the slot. Depending on the type and extent of damage, you may need to rekey your lock or replace your lock.

However, rekeying your locks is not necessarily always done to save a lock. This is a valuable service and may be done to make your locks more convenient. For example, if you have several locks around your house and several keys to unlock them, you may get tired of constantly switching keys or annoyed that you are forced to carry so many keys. If your locks have similar keyways, you may be able to rekey several locks so they work with a single key. This may make it easier for you to navigate your home or business, or a single key may make losing a key more unlikely with fewer keys to manage.

Some things to note about rekeying your lock is that not all locks can be rekeyed, and not all keys will suit all locks. For example, if your locks have different key ways you will not be able to rekey them as the keys will not fit appropriately. To find out if we can rekey your lock with a specific key, simply see if that key will slide into the key slot of the lock in question without force.

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